The professional manufacturer in making transformers and magnetic components for power transformation since 1970s.

Tai Chang Electrical Machinery Enterprise Co., LTD. was established in 1973. Having gone through incessant hard working, we have built a new plant in 2000 at Ho Shun Industrial Park in Tainan City. We have also set up Tai Yao Electronic Products(Su Zhou) Co., Ltd. At Soochow City, China in 2002.

Out company has excellent working condition and professional technical team who have accumulated many yeas of experience in making transformer and reactor, ect.,magnetic components to put out suitable products. Besides, they are capable of offering excellent and stablbe products such as: UPS, AVR, APF,etc.electronic power, as well as industrial machinery power manufacturer with excellent service to receive words of praise and trust from out customers.

Along with the progress of the technology and the rapid changes of the technique on peripheral products, Tai Chang will insist in searching for excellence and offering best service to carry on the research and development of new products to achieve sustainable operation goal.