Tai Chang is one of the professional manufacturer of filtering chokes in Taiwan. Our chokes solutions are available in a variety of sizes and can be used in many applications. Our technical team will advise you on when to use chokes and what type is right for your needs.

Main products: high frequency choke, rectifier choke, capacitance choke, condenser reactor

A wide range of chokes in many different package sizes and shapes, through-hole and surface mount are available for use in switch mode power supplies and EMI filtering applications. We can custom design products in accordance with the performance requirements of the client, and in compliance with the very strict standards for the design, construction and manufacturing.

Tai Chang's chokes are available in two inductance versions. The high frequency chokes are applicable for low loss steel core. High saturation magnetic flux density, high frequency little consumption. The rectifier chokes are mostly used to limit the current and to increase the impedance. They are designed for different purposes, such as current limiting, neutral / earthing, motor starting, arc furnace series reactors, and duplex reactors.

Why Choose Tai Chang Choke

  • Our vast experience in designing and manufacturing our filtering chokes.
  • Use high quality materials.
  • Strict and high quaility control in our filtering chokes.
  • Stringent testing procedure.
  • Short leadtime.
  • Approved by international ISO certified and manufactured in Taiwan.
  • After sales service.

About Power Choke

Chokes are one of the more common electronic components used to block high-frequency, alternating current (AC) in a circuit while allowing lower frequencies, or direct current (DC), through. Power choke inductors are optimized for removing high-frequency noise in power supply. Prepareing small types for mobile devices and higher-power types, customer can select the most suitable product with the appropriate inductance and rated current.